Leaf Learn

We are bringing the real (state of the art) AI into
the indoor growing of plants (indoor farming).


  • Indoor farming and its various flavours in the form of vertical farming in cities or community driven  city gardening currently gain  
  • significant popularity due to its potential to fulfill dreams of urban population to be involved in greener and more sustainable
  •  high quality agricultural production.

The growing problem of extensive farming (and food production) is ecological burden. This comes from overuse of pesticides and their retention in the soil and water.

This further leads to the destruction of the soil fertility.

Current studies show that the problem becomes broader and even influences the production of the bio-food. Although it is becoming huge worldwide problem, the awareness of  people is rather low.

We have decided to contribute solving the situation and create a system and equipment that will enable the user to grow at home the most healthy and “clean” vegetables without affecting the environment.

At the same time we want to show what really means implementing artificial intelligence into the agriculture.

Who we are

We are visionaries interested in healthcare and biotechnology. 

We see a lot of exciting innovations in agri/food sector.

We are increasingly fascinated by the emerging opportunities in the field of plants and their metabolism. In this respect we started a startup with our colleagues and scientists. 

It’s content are expert systems, which are to be used for precision farming and thus reduce the burden of nature due to extensive farming. 

Based on our experience in plant development and metabolism and plant metabolism we will be able to create a system of its own class that will be able to understand the real needs of plants and to design (and later implement) the necessary strategies and actions.


What we do

We have been working with colleagues on project preparation, setting goals and sub-steps for more than two years.

The first of our projects is a growbox which is driven by artificial intelligence. This is the target that many startups claimed but never achieved because of the lack of scientific basis and experience.

Currently, intensive work is being done on the demonstrator that implements a significant part of the solutions and technologies that are being prepared. With the demonstrator we want to show the real possibilities of artificial intelligence in analysing and influencing plant development.

Our product fulfils the need for highly automated indoor growing system  to secure good growing outcomes independently of the user experience and knowledge however it provides direct human interaction with growing plants making the growing process personal and joyful.

In few weeks we’ll be ready to show what we are talking about…


  • info@leaf-learn.eu

Zbynek Lamplot

CEO & biochemist

  • Prague, Czech Republic